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Community Life

We all enjoy spending time with friends supporting groups in the community. Our leo's love taking part in various doggy events and meeting others.

Marbury Park Dog Activity Club

One Sunday a month a group of friends host various activities for dogs in the local park. The aim is for dogs and owners to have lots of fun trying new activities for a small donation. The money raised at each events day goes to an animal charity for example the Blue Cross, Cheshire dogs Home, Cheshire Site Hound Rescue and others. 

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Other Charities

We are always inspired by the vital work done by various charities so try to support them when we can with their fund raising and awareness activities. One of the regular events we enjoy supporting is Woof Mudder raising funds for St Lukes Hospice. We set up our agility and flyball as a warm up for the 3 km muddy challenge which incorporates numerous obstacles for dogs and owners to have fun.


Therapy dogs Nationwide

Jessica and Amber are part of the national organisation Therapy Dogs Nationwide. They visit various community settings including Young Peoples day centres, Care Homes and dementia centres. Their calm caring natures allows them to develop a special bond with people they meet. They can share another part of their wonderful outgoing nature. 

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Meeting up with Friends

Jessica, Amber and Charlotte love to meet up with their doggy friends and family. This can involve anything from a walk, a run on the beach to a ride on a heritage railway train which Amber really enjoys. Their network of friends stretches across the UK so can involve some spectacular scenery and historic sites.  

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