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Never forgotten

I will be forever grateful to Helen Sawyer, who introduced me to my very first beautiful leonberger, Eleanor. Who back in 1998 came home with me at just 4 months old. She was the most amazing girl, kind, gentle and a loyal friend. Ellie enjoyed life to the full, one minute chasing around the fields with her best mate Tess, and then could be seen gently licking the nose of a new born lamb. Sadly, Eleanor lost her battle to cancer at just 4 years old, but will be forever in my heart.

- Rosie

ellie photo.jpg
ellie photo 2.jpg

Sasha was quite the opposite of Eleanor, her constant zest for life was incredible. Her favorite hobby was swimming, if she saw a lake she was gone, and would she come out of the water? No chance! She would quite happily swim untill I had found the biggest branch which I would have to run up and down the bank to entice her out! Sasha also loved to drag the contents of the house outside, cushions, shoes, boxes, chairs, clothes the list goes on…. She was my constant companion for 11 years. So much fun, will always love her.

- Rosie

sasha photo.jpg

Sooty was a Black and Tan mixed breed, probably Collie, German Shephard and something else! I had wanted my own dog for so long, then when I was 12 years old Sooty arrived at just 7 weeks old. She came everywhere with me for the next 14 years. Sooty was so intelligent, she had quite a selection of tricks from playing dead to counting up to 100, she also understood requests in French! I was so lucky to have her, so many happy memories.

- Rosie

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Bob was a black and tan crossbreed, just the best friend a boy could have. He would walk to school with me in the morning and I would say 'go home now Bob'. He would walk back home and then trot back on his own just before end of school to meet me in the same place and walk me back home.

- Kevin

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