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Leoflaed life


Leonbergers are surprisingly athletic which is demonstrated with activities like agility. They are working dogs and the breed standard describes a cat like movement which this activity highlights. They all enjoy physical challenges.


Although Leonbergers were bred to work on mountain farms they were also adapted to draught work in certain areas of Germany. This tradition is recreated with carting which Amber particularly enjoys.


Another favourite with Jessica, Amber and Charlotte. They will follow a trail over great distances with enthusiasm and vigour. This is a great game for all the pack when trailing each other in the countryside.


Both girls have done well in the show ring. Jess really comes alive when under the spotlight and Amber always has a big smile with lots of energy.


A chance for giant Leo’s to chill out and run around with absolute freedom to really let their hair down. We all enjoy traveling to 4 corners of UK to explore different beaches and seaside towns along our wonderful coastline. 


Jessica, Amber and Charlotte all enjoy visiting patients in a caring environment. They will walk up to people and offer the opportunity for a friendly pat or cuddle allowing people to make a valuable connection with their peaceful souls. They really are gentle giants always giving love and reassurance to people whenever they are out and about.


  Exploring new places

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